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Rugid Guard Fuel Island Repair

Subcontractor opportunities available

Learn more at 1-618-477-1617

The Fuel Island Restoration Company

Rugid Guard is a nation-wide industrial coatings company that specializes in protecting and preserving your investments.  Your expensive fuel island repairs and replacements can become cost effective with our specialized coating system.

Rugid Guard will repair the concrete and metal needs of your fuel islands and store curbing. We will apply our specially formulated coating - completely encapsulating and protecting the entire island! Our system is UV stable, impervious to salts and petro chemicals, all backed with a 5 year warranty!

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Rugid Guard is a part of many co-op programs

With thousands of fueling stations serviced to date

Go with a name you can trust

BP, Casey's, Circle K, Citgo, DOT facilities, Exxon/Mobil, Marathon, Shell, TA & Valero are just a few of our nation-wide customers

Give us a call and see what the Rugid Guard system can do for you!



 Rugid Guard products consist of a variety of elastomeric polyurea's that are applied with our high heat, high pressure spray equipment that fast set in 5-10 seconds. Our fast set elastomers can be sprayed at any desired thickness, have high tensile strength, tear strength, and have great chemical resistance.

 We also have polyaspartics that can be applied by hand that set slower for a longer working time.

 This allows us to broadcast decorative chips and or aggregate for anti-skid.  Our slow set polyaspartics are an aliphatic color formulation that won't fade. They are also very durable and have superior wear and chemical resistance.

 We have specialized coatings that are used to protect from storm damage and blast mitigation, withstand the harshest coastal and marine environments,withstand strong chemicals like hydrochloric acid, even protect buildings in a fire.

 Our products are formulated to your application specific's. Whether you need a product to protect against the elements, take heavy impact, or enhance a surface with long lasting beautiful color; Rugid Guard has it.

We are the industry leader!

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