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We not only specialize in fuel island and store curbing restoration.  In the past few years our clients have been realizing the virtually unlimited opportunities for our various lines of product.  We offer coatings for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, or Marine applications. Each product line is formulated to fit your specialized needs.

Commercial Equipment

This is one of our recent projects with Parsons Company, an affiliate with Catepillar, in Roanoke, IL.  We sprayed one of our industrial coatings inside the cab of a commercial mining vehicle.  Due to our ongoing relationship with them we are in the process of gaining ISO 9001 certification.


Primary and Secondary Containment

Superior levels of resistance to most chemicals make our coatings suitable for chemical, oil, and fuel spill containment and prevention.  This has given us the opportunity to do jobs with the U. S. government.

Commercial Vehicles

Salts are extremely corrosive. Whether you live in the midwest during the winter months or along the coastlines, salt corrosion is inevitable. Our coatings are impervious to salt by offering unparalleled protections to your commercial vehicles exposed to these conditions. Our coatings will keep your vehicles in service without expensive repairs.

Industrial Parts

Our high tensile strength coatings are used to protect a wide variety of parts in the petroleum industry and for industrial equipment manufacturers.


These coatings offer rust and corrosion prevention and are abrasion resistant.

Decorative and Anti-skid

We offer a wide variety of custom colored coatings and decorative blends that are used to enhance store fronts, walkways, showroom floors, bathroom floors, and more.  Make your old concrete look like new and or give it a slip resistant surface with our specialized coatings.



Our polyasparatic floor coatings set the performance standard versus other coatings.  We offer superior abrasion wear resistance and have the fastest return to service.  Our polyaspartic coatings feature a wide variety of striking vinyl chip colors that will not fade or yellow with age or exposure to sunlight - the perfect fit for any residential or commercial application.

We are the industry leader!

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